╚SOB Leasing provides products and services for the financing of all kinds of transport vehicles, new and used, from motorcycles to freight vehicles and buses, machinery, equipment, complete industrial plants and information technology including software.

Cars and commercial vehicles

Do you need a new family car? Or does a used car meet your requirements? Do you need a representative limousine or commercial vehicle for your enterprise?

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Do you like powerful engines, the smell of petrol and oil? Do you want to ride across the country as free as a bird? Don’t let a limited budget restrain you – let us help you get where you want to go.

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Do you run a freight or bus transport company? Are you new to the road transport field, or do you need to add another road tractor, semi-trailer or bus to your vehicle fleet?

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Machinery and equipment

Are you planning to invest in new machinery? Do you need a new excavator, tractor, IT or a complete manufacturing or processing plant?

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