Machinery and equipment

Are you planning to invest in new machinery? Do you need a new excavator, tractor, IT or a complete manufacturing or processing plant? Contact us and we will help you find the most suitable means of financing for your needs.

  • we provide favourable financing for all types of new and used machinery and equipment, namely for building and agricultural machinery, printing machines and CTP, manufacturing machines, forklift trucks, healthcare equipment and other machinery and equipment as well as technological units
  • we offer a complete product range
  • select a machine or piece of equipment from the dealer and we will take care of everything at ╚SOB Leasing branch
  • we also offer you the opportunity to purchase our own used machinery and equipment, most of which comes from terminated leasing contracts

Advantages of machinery and equipment financing

  • decrease of immediate cash spending, and the spreading of expenses over a longer time period
  • option of financing in EUR
  • possibility to take advantage of exclusive business campaigns (discounts, signing of contract without documenting it in your company’s financial statements etc.)
  • favourable vehicle insurance paid in instalments
  • quick and easy conclusion of contract with as few documents as possible