Consumer credit

We offer you a special purpose consumer credit for the purchase of motor vehicles, machinery and equipment. The main advantage of our credit is the fact that the product becomes your property right away and you have the freedom to repay the credit at any time.
Consumer credit provided by ╚SOB Leasing fully comply with current legislative.

What are the benefits of our credit?

  • there is no maximum amount for the loan
  • the minimum repayment time is not limited by the law as it is in the case of financial leasing (it can be anywhere from 6 months upwards)
  • payment in CZK or EUR (only for trucks and machinery & equipment)
  • the credit instalment is not burdened with VAT
  • monthly instalments remain at a fixed amount
  • premature repayment permitted
  • insurance is reimbursed in instalments
  • optional – payment protection insurance reimbursed in instalments

Why is credit beneficial for entrepreneurs?

  • also suitable for companies, towns, transport operators, budget organizations, cooperatives and other organizations which are allowed to draw funds from grant programs which are contingent on ownership of the financed product
  • the customer – entrepreneur is the owner of the product and depreciates it from the beginning of the contract
  • optimisation of tax costs, particularly in case of purchase at the end of calendar year
  • lump sum deduction of the whole VAT from purchase price at the beginning of the repayment period