Products for suppliers

╚SOB Leasing provides financial resources to suppliers in the form of credit to purchase financed products (transport vehicles, machinery and equipment), or eventually to cover their other needs associated with the purchase of a leased product. The parameters of our credit products are so flexible that they can satisfy all suppliers’ demands.

General single-purpose commercial credits:

  • general credits for the purchase of cars or other transport vehicles by a supplier through individual drawings of credit
  • intended for pre-financing of both new and used transport vehicles (stock and demonstration)

Individual single-purpose commercial credits:

  • individual credits for purchase of individual vehicles or machinery and equipment by a supplier
  • intended for pre-financing of both new and used vehicles (stock and demonstration) and new and used machinery and equipment

Dealer network financing:

  • general credits for the purchase of new vehicles by a supplier (dealer), e.g. from an importer of a particular vehicle brand
  • intended for pre-financing of new vehicles (stock and demonstration) for the whole dealer network of selected transport vehicle brands

No-purpose credits:

  • credits without concrete bond to receipt of the subject of financing
  • Designed for the financing of spare parts (material and goods) for the subjects of financing or for financing the purchase of future subjects of financing, etc.