We offer a complete range of products for the financing of vehicles, machinery and equipment. We also offer related services for all financial products, particularly complex insurance, economic and tax consulting, etc.

Financial leasing

Financial leasing is the most proven and widespread product for the funding of transport vehicles, machinery and equipment. It is a lease for movable property, at the end of which...

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Consumer credit

We offer you a special purpose consumer credit for the purchase of motor vehicles, machinery and equipment. The main advantage of our credit is...

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Operational leasing

Operational leasing products which ╚SOB Leasing offers under the ╚SOB Autolease brand are available on an independent website

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EUROleasing is a favoured financial leasing, supported by the European union fonds, through which it is possible to finance projects quickly, easily and profitably.

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In addition to its financial products, ╚SOB Leasing also offers you the opportunity to purchase complex insurance for your vehicle, machine or equipment. You can obtain very favourable...

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Products for suppliers

╚SOB Leasing provides financial resources to suppliers in the form of credit to purchase financed products (transport vehicles, machinery and equipment), or eventually to cover their other needs associated...

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